Solidworks API lernen,
simple -
through examples...

Learning platform with basic examples
according to CAD principles.

General concept

The technical study is very complex, and demands a great effort from the learners, in which a major role is held by practical examples. There are many materials for the separate study about designing and programming in SOLIDWORKS. Hence, it was proposed to combine these two aspects by practical examples.

If you are interested in deepening and expanding your knowledge in SOLIDWORKS API, then this site is for you!


All the examples have the same structure. They contain two parts. The first one, under “Part” as a link on the website in “zip” format with three documents: 1. The initial conditions (format – pdf); 2. The script, that after clicking on the button “Create Part” draws the 3D model (format – exe); 3. The 3D model realized after compiling the script from point 2 (format – sldprt). The second one, “Source” as link, also in “zip” format with two documents: 1. The same initial conditions; 2. The SOLIDWORKS API project in Visual studio (c#) as a source.
There are many information on internet about connection of SOLIDWORKS API with visual studio. All used SOLIDOWKS API libraries are showed in each example.